Compassionate Hypnobirthing Course

Studying at Home

The fundamentals of this course are about how you (and your birth partner) can navigate the birthing process with a calm and compassionate approach. This course will provide you with a toolbox of different methods to use during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal - like guided meditations, visualisations, words of affirmations, massage techniques, positions during labour, fear releasing and breathing techniques. 

We go through the anatomy and physiology of birth, and how our bodies are designed to birth with the help of our naturally occurring hormones. This is aimed to give you and your birth partner the understanding of what your baby is going through during labour.


Spread out over 5 weeks each session will last around one hour. I am flexible with my timings as some people have more questions than others. We will go through one or two scripts a session together; they have also been pre-recorded and will be sent to you. 


These sessions are one-on-one or group sessions, either via Zoom or in person.


What you receive:

-5 Sessions

-A workbook each session to refer back to

-6 pre-recorded MP3's to keep

-A copy of Sophie Fletcher’s Mindful Hypnobirthing

-A beautiful blend of essential oils to help promote a calming environment

-Support up to your birth via email and phone

-A debriefing session postnatally 

-Practical tips for support during labour

-A session dedicated to your birth plan


Cost: £280 (£10 reduction for second hand book instead of new)

Doula Services

Pregnant Woman in Nature

As your doula I would provide on-going support from the moment we start working together till after baby is born . As a doula I would provide evidence based research and help you to navigate the birthing world in a way that empowers you and the choices you make along the way. 


We will go through your birth preferences and any other support you require along the way, this will include optimal positions during labour, breathing techniques and leaning into labour. All of this will take place during our 4 antenatal sessions together.

From 38 weeks till baby is born I will be on call for you, this means I will be ready to come to you where ever you are when you feel you need my presence and support. 


As a doula I am not medically trained or to give you advice on any medical interventions, I can help with finding all the information you need to make an informed choice yourself. 


  • On going support by phone/messages/email

  • 4 one hour antennal sessions

  • On call from 38 weeks till baby is born

  • A postnatal session to debrief on your birth and to support your feeding choices


I am currently mentored by a Doula UK mentor, please feel free to visit my profile on Doula UK Here

I offer different packages to tailor to your finances. So if you have a budget we can make sure you receive support within that price bracket. Please message to arrange for a FREE consultation.