Homemade Lavender& Coconut Lip Balm 15g

Homemade Lavender& Coconut Lip Balm 15g


Homemade Coconut & Lavender Lip Balm made in Bristol. Each batch is made in small quantities to ensure the best possible quality.

The ingredients used are ones you can find at home, there is no tricks or hidden ingredients with this balm. Allow me to introduce them to you;


Lavender already has a really good reputation, I chose this ingredients as it has so many benefits widely recognised not only is it very calming it is also anti-septic and anti-inflammatory.  It has also been known to treat burns and infections which when combined as a lip balm can benefit sunburnt lips or when you have cracks during the colder seasons. 


The majority of the coconut oil used in this balm has been cold pressed which ensures that tonnes of its natural healing properties. It is known to be suitable for sensitive skin and a natural antibacterial also. With it also being a natural moisturiser it just had to make an appearance in this balm.


Honey and beeswax also play important roles,  honey is a natural anti-fungal product and the beeswax helps to hold the whole thing together. 

As the products used are all natural their can be times where the balm can become very hard when kept in colder places or runny in hotter places. 


I don't want to pigeon hole this item as just a lip balm as it does have many uses as a balm in general. I use this balm for my son's knees when he gets scrapes and for any small cuts to keep it protected.


Ingredients- Coconut Oil (Solid & Fractioned) Honey*, Beeswax &Lavender.


*The honey used in this lip balm is locally sourced by an elderly couple in Sea Mills.


The recipe is available on request.