Compassionate Hypnobirthing Course

Compassionate Hypnobirthing Course


One-to-one sessions;


My aim is for you to leave with many mindfulness tools you can use during your birth that will support you to feel as in control as possible.


Within this course you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of birth so that you can connect with and trust your body in birth. This will mean that you feel free and empowered to adopt the positions you want to in labour and birth instead of feeling that you must learn a prescriptive set of positions or ‘do as you are told’ and automatically lie on your back. You will learn to identify and examine your own limiting core beliefs in order to reframe or eliminate them. You will learn about comfort measures and complementary therapies and you will increase your confidence to calmly demand the care you deserve and need from those around you.


What do you get?

-5 Sessions

-6 pre-recorded MP3's to keep

-A copy of Sophie Fletcher's Mindful Hypnobirthing

-Support up to your birth via email and phone

-Practical tips for support during labour