• Sian Kershaw

It Begins With YOU

So one of my biggest lessons is that it all starts with you. We are told this plenty of times, but if you are like me I didn’t really understand the full complexity of this. I just assumed it was ensuring you had enough sleep and ate regularly. 

I’ve since realised its everything, the saying secure your own oxygen before helping others finally made sense to me. How can we help others including our own children if we aren’t ok. I thought thats what it meant to be a mum, that only there needs are important now. I got it all wrong, things had changed but it just meant that I need to develop my needs along the way. 

Having time to address my emotions regularly, being able to have 20 minutes with a cup of tea in the garden or being able to zone out in the bath knowing that my son has people around if he were to wake. Thats what taking care of myself looked like now. Having time to ensure you are looking after yourself greatly benefits your children and loved ones.


What does looking after yourself look like for you? How can you adapt this to fit in with the busy life of mum? What support systems do you have in place? Can you build your community to help you for when times get challenging?

All these questions need to be looked at regularly because just like children we personally go through new stages in our life, we are constantly growing still and that means reflecting on how we can secure our oxygen mask. 

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