• Sian Kershaw

I promise I'm social

I think I have an allergic reaction to social media. For some reason every time I think about posting something related to birth I have this inner voice say the following;

  • This has been said a thousand times before

  • This isn't relevant to everyone

  • Not everyone is the same

  • I don't believe in getting advice from an online forum that doesn't know you and your situation


  • Why am I still sat here contemplating this

  • I want to record it so I can tell everyone it with my voice not written words

  • URGH I really dislike the idea of me talking being on the internet

  • Forget it, I'm going to chat to a fellow parent/ parent to be about this instead

Moral of the story, you won't see me posting on social media heaps. I imagine a world where we support each other in communities. Where we are asked for our opinion on things and not forcing it on our 'followers' I don't want you to follow me. I want to walk alongside you.

I love being social, I am a social butterfly. I equally get drained and retreat to rest up and come back again after some rest.

Let's talk, contact me via my form and lets have a phone call.

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