Hypnobirthing Services

Hypnobirthing Sevices

A hypnobirthing course with a whole load of compassion poured in. The fundamentals of this course are about how you (and your birth partner) can navigate the birthing process with a calm and compassionate approach.


Within this course, I provide you with a toolbox of different methods for you to call on when you feel you need. This looks like guided meditations, visualisations, words of affirmations, massage techniques, fear releasing and breathing techniques. There is sure to be something that works and resonates with you.

Spread out over 5 weeks each session will give you an understanding of how the anatomy of the pelvis and hormones are supporting you to birth your baby. We also go through one or two scripts a session you also have them pre-recorded and sent to you to do in your own time.

These sessions are one-on-one or group sessions. Currently these are all done via zoom. 

What do you get-

-5 Sessions 

-6 pre-recorded MP3's to keep

-A copy of Sophie Fletchers Mindful Hypnobirthing and some other gifts which will be posted to you.

-Support up to your birth via email and phone

-Practical tips for support during labour

Cost: £220 (£10 reduction for second hand book instead of new)


I gave birth to my daughter in October 2020 and although during the Cornovirus pandemic I had a very positive birth experience.

Doing my hypnobirthing course with Mind Body Beginnings allowed me to be more aware of how my body works during birth and have the confidence to know whatever my external situation is, my body will support me throughout the process. Along with a deeper understanding I was also given the tools to be able to stay calm with a range of visualisations and breathing techniques. 

My partner was quite anxious about his role and by the end of the course felt more prepared and connected with me and our journey. 

We created a detailed birth plan together and as we had discussed the different medications and the pros and cons of these and how they work for and against the body I could make informed decisions. This also meant my midwife and my partner were able to work together to support my decisions. 

I would highly recommend Hypnobirthing with Sián, she was really friendly and made us both feel really comfortable during our sessions and guiding us through the techniques. I was able to have a completely natural birth using the knowledge and tools provided.