My name is Sian Kershaw, I was born in Bristol and have lived here most my life. I spent 3 years living in New Zealand where I travelled and gave birth to my son. 


I feel my purpose is to support the coming home to your mind and body during new beginnings. 

Values lie at the heart of my services, and it is my mission to provide every client with respect and understanding.

I believe everyone has the right to an informed birth, and I’m passionate about being able to support you in whatever your choice may be. 

I welcome all my clients as they are, I see and value your background, your heritage, your diversity and your cultural beliefs, and welcome including this into your birth.

I am adaptable to what you and your family needs, because I understand that needs differ from family to family.

I have completed my training with Red Tent Doulas, with Nicola Goodall. This course is recognised by Doula UK. I have chosen to retrain with Badass Doulas which I am very excited about. I am always willing to learn and be educated on anything I don’t have a full understanding about. 

My aim is to support you to have the birth you desire, with Compassionate Hypnobirthing and to help with that fourth trimester we so often overlook.

A little bit more about me; I am an outdoor lover and spend time at the community garden helping where I can and learning constantly. I love astrology, I'm definately no expert but just find it fascinating. I've watched 'stink' maybe 5 times now an every time it gets me worked up and pushes me to grow my own products of natural products without the chemicals. 

I am always reading, I'm sure I have enough books to tide me over for the next few years so have currently put myself on a ban to get through them. There is tonnes more of interests which I will one day add to here.